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Food security is the current requirement in the world. With the ongoing pandemic and climate change , quality of produce, storage and prices have been the foremost topic .
We at Vertigrowers , can solve this problem by
- Setting up Controlled Environment Commercial Agriculture
- By providing the ability to produce high quality, sustainable food ANYWHERE.

Industries where this could cater to:-

Hotel Industry

- With the growing needs of exotic vegetables , fruits and herbs in the Hotel Industry, it provides a great opportunity to cater to specific needs

Ayurveda Industry

- The Ayurveda Industry needs medicinal herbs and plants with specific properties but without pesticides and heavy metals. This can be mass produced .

Textile Industry

- The Textile Industry needs cotton and linen in large quantities. With many factories closed in this industry , these infrastructures can be used to grow the necessary crops for that industry.


- The direct impact would be that the area under cultivation would come down drastically
- As already existing buildings will be under cultivation and roof tops would cater to the general population, area under cultivation would be reduced directly by not less than 4 times
- Ground water and rivers would get replenished as water required is 90% less
- Existing farms can be converted to growing fruits thereby increasing the tree cover (directly increasing the water tables)
- This would lead to the reduction of the green house gases thereby cooling the earth
- Climate control on rooftops would cool the houses below thereby decreasing the power required to cool homes
- Community farms in large housing societies possible
- This technology is pollution free
- Large infrastructures like cinema theaters , marriage halls, malls, engineering colleges (many are for sale). Can be converted into farms to produce any kind of crops


- People get healthier food from a known source
- The food miles are reduced to food steps.
- Significant decrease in cost of buying food

About Us

Our mission

At Vertigrowers, our mission is to bridge the gap present in inconsistencies in food nutrition, food safety and food security.
We do this with our team of experts whose expertise lies in cultivating various crops under precise environments to get the maximum yields and nutrition from the crops.

By doing so you get:
- Value for your money
- Know how the crop is grown (no pesticides used, no artificial coloring, no wax coating etc.,)
- Grow anything anywhere (Lettuce and strawberries can be grown in Chennai)
- Grow only what you want throughout the year (its independent of climate and season, no wastage) come grow with us


We at Vertigrowers with our team of experts, provide:
- Turnkey projects for soilless agriculture
- Consultant agronomy for any kind of agriculture
- Customised nutrient mixes
- Turnkey solutions to cater to the crops of your choice (data of over 200 crops are available)
- Vertical farms in buildings, roof tops, marine refigerated containers and green houses


We provide solutions to all types of agriculture.
We specialize in soilless agriculture and provide solutions according to
1. The crop to be cultivated
2. Location

We also provide turn key projects accordingly including agronomy.

Soilless Agriculture

Hydroponics or soilless agriculture is a form of agriculture which uses media other than soil to grow plants.
All parameters are optimized to get maximum yields per area of crop.
Soil testing, water testing and other parameters for optimised growing of crops.


- This increases yield per acre per year
- It uses 90% less water, 85% less nutrients and 50 % less labour
- No pesticides
- Safe to eat
- Can be shipped anywhere
- Shorter periods of harvests means more number of harvests per year
- No need of crop rotation. The farm will be a reliable source of produce throughout the year
- Crop can be harvested when saleable weight is reached, thereby increasing number of harvests per year without wastage
- Any crop can be grown anywhere
- The taste of crop is enhanced
- As it uses less natural resources , its very enviornmentally friendly
- The food miles are reduced to food steps
- Significant decrease in cost of buying food