We provide solutions to all types of agriculture.
We specialize in soilless agriculture and provide solutions according to
1. The crop to be cultivated
2. Location

We also provide turnkey projects accordingly including agronomy.

soilless agriculture

Hydroponics or soilless agriculture is a form of agriculture which uses media other than soil to grow plants.
All parameters are optimized to get maximum yields per area of crop.


- This increases yield per acre per year
- It uses 90% less water
- It uses 85% less nutrients
- It uses 50 % less labor
- No pesticides
- Safe to eat
- Can be shipped anywhere.
- Shorter periods of harvests means more number of harvests per year
- No need of crop rotation. The farm will be a reliable source of produce throughout the year
- Crop can be harvested when saleable weight is reached. Thereby increasing no of harvests per year without wastage
- Any crop can be grown anywhere.
- The taste of crop is enhanced.
- As it uses less natural resources , its very enviornmentally friendly.
- The food miles are reduced to food steps.
- Significant decrease in cost of buying food